Ask Yourself These Questions…
Managing a residential property in the greater Northern Nevada area may appear to be simple. Before you decide to manage your property, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you aware of and abiding by all the Nevada Revised Statutes and Federal landlord / tenant laws?
  • Do you have reliable licensed and insured contractors, gardeners and plumbers?
  • Do you know of all the State required disclosures that you must provide to a tenant?
  • Are you aware of current rental market trends, values and rates?
  • Is all this really worth your time even if you do know all the right steps to take?

Our staff is trained to handle the situations noted above, and then some, to ensure your property is being rented out in a manner that reduces your liability and increases your net profit. By hiring us to manage your property you not only get peace of mind to focus on your life and your career, you will also know that your property is in great hands and that we are always focused on your rental goals.

What will this cost me?

  • Upon signing a management contract, a retainer fee of $350 will be charged as a one time set up charge.
  • Ongoing property management is set at 10% of gross rents (additional properties to be negotiated).
  • Upon signing a one year lease you will be charged a leasing fee of $250 and a lease-renewal fee of $150 for negotiating the lease contract.

What will this save me?

  • Time and Money – Imagine all the time you would save by not researching the rental market, advertising, meeting and screening each tenant, collecting rent, handling repairs and the list goes on. With our incredibly efficient process in place, we save you money on every facet of leasing your property. And your management fees may even be tax deductible.

Peace of Mind.

  • With Chase International Property Management Division managing your property
  • – you can rest assured that your investment is well taken care of.